Small steps

…to a fairer future

small steps 2.gif

Big change, the kind that transforms lives happens when many people take many small steps together.

So we’re asking for 500 people to take a small step and invest a little bit of money every month in a fairer future.


 How your investment grows…


Over time

Giving a little each month makes a huge difference over the course of a year or a decade!


With others

You’re not just donating alone - instead you’re joining a movement of people committed to building a fairer world.

Through hard work

You’re investing in people with the skills and determination to leave poverty behind… they just need the opportunity.


Will you take a small step today?

Making the world a fairer place is maybe easier than you think.

Just a few pounds - given faithfully each month - won’t just help one or two people… over time it will help whole communities to leave poverty behind for good.

Every journey starts with just one step… and we need you to make that first step today.