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Responsible Business and Corporate Accountability

While trade and enterprise provide many with a route out of poverty, the actions of some businesses make people poorer and undermine development. Laws and regulations shape the context within which businesses operate, and ultimately set the minimum standards of expected behaviour.

There are gaps in the legal framework that defines and enforces minimum business standards that must be addressed.

  • We are lobbying for improvements to the UK’s corporate criminal laws so that companies can face prosecution if they allow people to be harmed by their activities overseas.
  • We work to improve Company Law including making sure company directors are accountable for their impacts on the environment and communities, not just for profit.
  • We want companies to be transparent about how they meet their responsibilities. We lobby for improved risk analysis and reporting by companies in relation to their impact on suppliers and overseas communities, as well as how they mitigate modern slavery.

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This work is led by Fiona Gooch, Senior Private Sector Policy Advisor. Fiona can be contacted at  


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