Gifts for Life

Our beautiful charity gift cards make a real difference in the lives of people in some of the world's poorest countries.

The donation which buys these gift cards helps support Traidcraft Exchange's projects across the world. In return you receive a lovely gift card in the post to personalise with your own message and send to a special person. With 11 different designs and price points, they really are the perfect gift for any occasion! We've featured four here, but you can explore the full range by clicking on the button below!


Exactly what you need (£16)

We’ve all received unwanted gifts – the wrong size socks, a hat that doesn’t suit us… Sometimes it would be better to choose our own presents. Give that chance to someone else!

This gift gives communities the choice to spend their earnings on the things they need most, so that people get exactly what they need, rather than what others think they need!

Justice not Just Us (£25)

Big Change doesn’t happen by accident.

Because some of the problems with international trade start with us, Traidcraft Exchange campaigns in the UK to challenge injustice and call for policies to make trade fairer for people in developing countries.

This gift card helps support our campaigning work in the UK.


You can't put a price on friendship (£20)

We know you can’t put a price on friendship.

But for women like Vigaylaxmi, a friendship group can mean more than just support – it can mean power. This gift helps groups of women to band together and have a more powerful voice – so that they can negotiate higher prices and better working conditions for themselves and their friends.

A nice cup of tea (£5)

Who doesn’t need a nice cup of tea? The ultimate token of appreciation, with this gift, you could help support tea farmers in Kenya and Bangladesh to increase their yields, access training, and earn a better wage to provide for their families.


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