Nowhere to hide

Help us take advantage of an important opportunity to push for a new UN treaty on business and human rights and leave perpetrators of abuse with nowhere to hide.


Right now, world trade isn’t working

The rich are getting richer while people living in poverty - and the planet we live on - pay the price.

That’s why we speak up about global issues of justice in trade. We want to live in a world where all trade is fair - can you help us get there?


Take action and make a difference

Join with thousands of people who are taking action against injustice in trade and fighting for a fairer future.


Stop rolling out the red carpet

Our government wants to roll out the red carpet for big business in trade deals after Brexit – with a court system called ISDS that gives companies special powers to sue poor countries for millions.

MEPs: Don’t sit on your hands

There are 4 things that UK MEPs should do in their first 4 months to make trade fairer for people in developing countries.

Nowhere to hide

Ask Lord Ahmad to look again at the Binding Treaty on Business and Human Rights and support it when it’s debated at the United Nations.



You see injustice in trade and you can’t stay silent – you feel compelled to act.

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Your action combines with thousands of others, and together we are heard in the corridors of power.

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Step by step, we start to create a better, fairer world.


It really works!

When we speak up together, people start to listen. Here are some of the campaigning successes that we’ve created together so far.

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A transparent tea sector

Before we launched the 'Who picked my tea?' campaign the women in Assam who pick the tea we drink in the UK had no idea where it ended up.

But together we persuaded all 6 of the UK's biggest tea brands to reveal their suppliers, down to the exact tea estate. Now we know where more than 70% of tea sold in the UK comes from and the UK tea sector has moved from a position of secrecy to becoming one of the most transparent around.

And the information we uncovered is powerful. Now we're helping tea workers to use it in their struggle for better pay and working conditions.


A fairer future for developing countries after Brexit

When we started to publicly campaign on Brexit trade deals in January 2017, it looked like the needs of the poorest countries could be completely overlooked.

But thanks to the actions of thousands of us, the government announced that products from the 48 least developed countries will continue to have duty-free access to the UK market after Brexit. This will safeguard the livelihoods and businesses of thousands of people in countries like Tanzania, Bangladesh and Uganda.


A breakthrough for fairer supermarkets

Unfair trading practices from supermarkets - like failing to pay their suppliers on time or changing orders at the last minute - have been all to common.

Together we’ve been speaking up for suppliers on this issue for many years and recently we saw a major breakthrough.

A new European directive has been issued which bans a variety of unfair business practices - which means farmers in developing countries who sell to big EU food businesses will be able to complain to a regulator if they are subjected to illegal treatment.


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